Internship Opportunities

Interested in small animal veterinary emergencies? Come work your internship year with WilVet South 24 Hr. Urgent Care, is located in Springfield, Oregon. We are looking to fill 2-3 internship positions for interested 1st-year graduates.

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Our 1st-year internship program is to provide new graduates; that have an interest in emergency medicine; to work under the mentorship of our experienced emergency doctors and staff, learn skills of how to become a competent and confident emergency veterinarian, work through patient assessment, diagnostic, and treatment plans as well as learning how to interact with clients, patients, staff and colleagues. Working through a caseload of hospitalized, incoming, and outpatient, critical and urgent care patients under the direction of a skilled ER vet, learning the ins and outs of providing high-quality compassionate care to the patients and clients in our care. You will be able to build on your surgical skills, diagnostic workup, and interpretation, build treatment plans, and follow up on outcomes of patients that come into the hospital.

We value a work-life balance and believe in providing a living wage for all staff members. We provide profit sharing for ALL full-time employees and foster an environment that values the team over individuals, and patient and client care are our number one priorities. It is important to us for the longevity of the clinician that we encourage no greater than 12 shifts per month on average.

You can expect to work a 3-4 day work week averaging 45 hours a week, including a mixture of days, swings, and night shifts, and benefits that include health insurance, professional dues, VIN membership, 401K, and a CE allowance.

We are also in the development of an exotic animal rotation with regular treatment days for all creatures great and small and it will be staffed with 4 clinicians with over 50 years of combined exotic animal medicine experience. This part isn’t mandatory but will be available for those interested.

Required qualifications:

  • An Oregon Veterinary license in good standing

  • A desire to work in Emergency medicine

Ideal candidates would have:

  • Experience in emergency medicine

  • A team-based mentality/approach

  • Good people skills to work with support staff

  • A desire to learn and grow, in both your medical and surgical knowledge/skills

  • A desire to stay with the company long term


  • Oregon Veterinary License fees

  • VIN membership

  • OVMA/AVMA dues

  • DEA license * if applicable

  • CE allowance

  • 401K

  • Health insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Annual profit sharing

  • Opportunity to move to a full-time associate position after 6-12 months *if mutually agreed upon*

Interested applicants can email with a cover letter and resume. We will also be happy to offer externship/preceptorship opportunities for current veterinary students in their 4th year starting in November of 2022.