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What a world of a difference from our experience with another local emergency vet that we vowed to never go back to. We drove up from Cottage Grove because our usual vet wasn’t open yet. Staff here were kind, professional, supportive, considerate – and most importantly – excellent in taking care of our sick pup, Zopie. We now know where to go for pet emergencies. Thank you for providing such an important service in our community.


Well, I had the unfortunate experience of bringing my friend’s Dog there, and he had to be euthanized. He was so sick… Dr. Bennett, Rosie, and the entire staff were wonderful… they treated my friend and me with kindness, compassion, and empathy! I have been in this situation with my own animals, and never have I had a doctor hug and cry with us! She is fantastic, professional, and knowledgeable… my only complaint is that they don’t offer regular veterinary care… I have had to use the other emergency vet for my Dog, and it was a horrific experience! My experience at Wilvet was the best possible in light of the situation, and I recommend them to anyone!!

I also talked to Dr. Bennett about the euthanasia of my cat in hospice care, and she agreed to see him when the time came.

The time came less than a week ago, and once again, Dr Bennett and Sara really were kind, compassionate, and empathetic and again, I can’t say enough kind things about them as they really make you feel like an extension of their family. My only complaint is that they still don’t offer regular veterinary care. After my experience with Four Corners Veterinary two days ago with my Dog and dental cleaning, you realize that not every practice nor even the Drs are likeminded when it comes to caring for your pets and interacting with their owners. They either have the skill set to do both, or they don’t, and Wilvet has both!

Dr. Bennett should teach other practices how to interact with pets and owners, and I bet other practices wouldn’t need a sandwich board sign out front saying accepting new patients.

If I have had two experiences with this practice that have been in the worst possible circumstances with very sick animals, and they treat you with kindness, compassion, empathy, and professionalism, then I would say this is Lane County’s best. In my opinion, it is only an emergency hospital, and I am so glad they came to town and made this a game-changer for pets and their owners.

From the front desk to the Drs, they are on their A-game!! They answer the phone professionally and kindly, get you the answers you need, and ensure you don’t hang up until they have done everything they can to help you.

Thank you! This is a breath of fresh air!

I picked up my pet’s ashes today, and although I didn’t want to lose him, you have made the process of remembering him so nice! Very nice urn and 🐾 paw print!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Chance during his final moments!

Lisa B.

I wanted to thank everyone who cared for Abby. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your efforts and the care you showed her and us. We are so thankful you are here to help when there is an emergency. The kindness everyone showed us meant so much.


We had an emergency. Our dog couldn’t walk, was drooling and piddling. She was scared and we were worried sick. We called Wilvet and they told us to bring her in right away. They assessed her, ran a toxic urine-screen to confirm what their experience told them was the issue. They were professional, kind and reassured us that our pup was going to be fine. They are the best. Thanks to all the folks that made the outcome a positive one.


We have been here a million times the past few weeks for our kitty Powpow. Despite the outcome of our visit, we had great experiences here! Our kitty usually has to have a few people hold onto him for exams, or anything else. But he really liked the staff here and was not aggressive! We ended up having to euthanize our kitty, but through the process, each staff member was so knowledgeable and empathetic. They answered every single question with a great response that I could actually understand. Our wait times were never as bad as we expected. I wish they were a primary vet office! They are amazing! I loved the snacks, coffee, and chargers. They were super helpful for our middle of the night trips.


I don’t care about the price, I’ll pay whatever to take care of my pets.

This place though has helped me more than they know. They took excellent care of my kitten and her broken leg. They made sure to constantly walk through their care plan and the cost. Communication was on point, as well as how caring and empathetic they are. The love and compassion for their patients show. I will always pick this emergency vet first. Life has just been so hard lately, so thank you for making this part a bit easier.


So glad we found Wilvet South 24 HR. Urgent Care. We brought 2 of our cats to them. They are the best. Really explained everything to us in full. They also most definitely saved our cat, Vince. They really took care of him and put him on the road to recovery quickly. I am so thankful every day I see him thriving. Great people there, from both of us (Wife & I). Thanks so much.
Rodney Hasel

Wilvet South 24 HR. Urgent Care was incredible in treating and saving my dog’s life after he was attacked by another dog! They were super attentive and answered all my questions when I called in (basically a million times per day), and it was obvious they did a great job during all five of his debridement surgeries. As emergency vets, they’re often busy, but everyone clearly takes their jobs seriously and loves the animals they care for. One of the techs looking after my dog said she even hand-fed my dog chicken every day
Lizzie Wilson

This amazing team jumped into action when the 8 other emergency vets in Portland and Washington turned our rescue down to help one of our dogs with an emergency c-section when her labor stalled. We assumed we were too late to save the 6 puppies, but the skilled team here saved them all! I won’t hesitate to use this skilled and compassionate team again- I can’t say enough good things!
April Shahum

Excellent care! They saved my dogs life without a doubt. She liked all of them so I know they were kind to her.

– Testing is expensive and an unfortunate reality.
– Wait times seems similar to human urgent care.
– They want to be paid upfront because they want to be paid.
– They have wonderful front desk staff, technicians and doctors.

Thanks for saving my friend!

Micah Levason

Thank you for putting up with me calling so often while our Monk was in your care. It means a lot when we as owners are treated with compassion and understanding when we are scared for our pet. My own vet ( looking for a new one) would not even see him during regular business hours. Thank you for taking such good care of my little guy.
The Lazy Gastronome

These people are amazing. My baby got sick and I was an absolute mess about leaving him overnight. They let him have his own bed and even put my jacket on for him AND sent me pictures so I would have peace of mind. Hopefully no more emergencies, but I will be coming to them without hesitation.
Kristin Norman

Amazing care for my boy Morgan when a grass seed went into his mouth, abscessed in his neck and ruptured! 😭 They got us in immediately, had easy access for me to apply for care credit and took wonderful care of him during and after his surgery to remove it. I have taken my pets to their location in Corvallis before and have always been amazed with the care they provided. I have, and will continue, to recommend this place to everyone I know. I’m so glad to have such a wonderful vet with emergency visits available in Springfield, and Morgan is happy as can be and healthy now, thanks to them.

Thank you again to the wonderful vets here!


Brought our dog here after she slipped and couldn’t walk. Very kind staff, large/clean waiting room. They quoted us a price and the final bill was a lot less. Very fair pricing and knowledgeable staff. Very grateful for them. Thank you from the Gale Family.
Lyndsy G.