Exotic Care

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Wilvet South Exotic Veterinary Care

Exotic vet care can be a daunting task for many pet owners. For exotic animals, in particular, there is a larger array of exotic pet care requirements to consider compared to traditional domesticated animals, such as cats and dogs. Animals like reptiles, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs require substrates and substrates such as soil, sand or gravel — each of which help to regulate the humidity needs that various exotic animals require. Additionally, it should be noted that exotic pets with multiple legs and feet may require extra considerations beyond standard bedding needs — extra padding or some form of support surface may be necessary both for their comfort as well as regulation of temperature. Fortunately, there are many resources available to assist in exotic pet care — Wilvet South provides excellent advice on the proper housing conditions for exotic pets and ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the welfare of these precious creatures. It’s always important for exotic pet owners to be prepared when taking care of their pets in order to ensure they remain healthy and happy — with resources from Wilvet South available, exotic pet owners are sure to have all the knowledge needed for successful exotic pet care!

Veterinary Services

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