The preparation for an ultrasound is simple, but because pets must remain motionless, light restraints and sedatives may occasionally be required. Some shaving of the chest or abdomen may be necessary, depending on the area of the body that has to be seen by the ultrasound.


Why would my dog or cat require an ultrasound?

A very helpful tool for assessing internal organs in animals is veterinary ultrasonography. It can spot changes in the heart and other abdominal organs, as well as help, identify any cysts and tumors that might be present. As they show the size, dimensions, and location of the organ, x-rays are frequently used in conjunction with ultrasounds. Ultrasounds are also used to diagnose pregnancies and track development because they allow for real-time monitoring.

What time will my pet’s ultrasound be?

When our doctors at Wilvet South 24 Hr. Urgent Care discovers abnormalities in blood work or x-rays, or to track a disease process, an ultrasound is typically advised. Additionally, ultrasounds can be used to confirm pregnancies.

Veterinary Services

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