ICU Hospitalization

Pets can sustain accidents and injuries that necessitate emergency care, just like people.


Wilvet South ICU Hospitilization

Veterinary ICU hospitalization is a specialized service offered by Wilvet South, providing intensive medical and nursing care for critically ill or injured animals. Vet ICU provides round-the-clock care for our patients and can offer assistance with monitoring vital signs, pain management, nutrition and hydration, as well as administering medications.

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare is seeing their beloved companion in distress. There are numerous reasons why an ill or injured pet may require hospitalization. Understanding the necessity and benefits of hospitalization is crucial for ensuring the well-being of our furry friends. These can include the following:

  1. Critical medical conditions. Like humans pets can suffer from critical medical conditions such as heart failure, kidney disease or severe infections such as pneumonia. Hospitalization provides immediate access to our skilled team of veterinarians and advanced medical equipment to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment with IV fluids, oxygen and IV medications.
  2. Accidents or Trauma. Trauma from motor vehicles, falls, animal attacks can and other injuries cause painful or even life-threatening injuries. In the hospitalized setting, pets can receive more immediate attention and surgical intervention when necessary, increasing their chances of a full and speedy recovery.
  3. Chronic conditions. Pets with chronic diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy or cancer may occasionally require hospitalization for more intensive treatment and continuous monitoring. Hospitalization provides round-the-clock supervision and timely administration of medications as well as monitoring for any changes in condition.
  4. Intensive care. Some pets need intensive care after surgeries or during recovery. Hospitalization of these pets allows for close monitoring of vital signs, IV fluids and other treatments as indicated.

 The benefits of hospitalization include expert care, timely diagnosis and treatment of injuries and ailments, 24/7 continuous monitoring, and a supportive environment that provides proper nutrition, medication administration, and high quality nursing care.

Veterinary Services

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